Nimi Akinkugbe addresses the audience

It is such an honour to be standing here before you all today as an alumnus of Corona School Ikoyi, as we present our exciting plans for The Corona Schools edition of Monopoly.

Our company Bestman Games Limited is the African distributor for customized editions of the world famous board game, Monopoly owned by Hasbro, for 48 African countries. In 2012 we launched the City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly, which was the first African city edition of the iconic board game. Subsequently the Nigeria Centenary Edition of Monopoly was launched in June 2014 and recently a Calabar edition has been presented. Hasbro’s Customized editions of Monopoly include Country Editions, City Editions, Corporate Editions, Sports Editions, School Editions, Commemorative Editions. Our product suite also includes other customized educational games including board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles etc.


As you are aware, Bestman Games is in collaboration with Corona Schools Trust Council developing a stunning commemorative school edition which was announced by the CEO of Corona Schools Trust Council Mrs Olufunto Igun on 19th September 2015 at an Alumni event held at Corona School Victoria Island. This unique edition will not only showcase the extraordinary 60-year history of Corona School, but will also solidify its unique place in history as the First African School to commission its own customized edition of Monopoly. Other famous schools and tertiary institutions to have their own editions of Monopoly include Harrow School, Rugby School, Kings College London etc


Monopoly is a property trading game made up of 22 property squares. It is extraordinary that the number of Corona Schools has increased to seven campuses at Ikoyi, Ebute-Metta, Apapa, Victoria Island, Gbagada, and Lekki Peninsular and Corona Secondary School at Agbara. In addition the Corona Teachers’ College ensures that the high quality of our teaching staff is maintained. This makes the Corona Schools edition particularly exciting as we will be showcasing various aspects of the schools vast real estate. Students, parents and friends of Corona School will be able to buy their old houses, or get a mortgage on one of the buildings as the classic family game combines with the beloved landmarks of the Corona School campuses.


The Community Chest & Chance cards as well a charming booklet inserted in the box, will feature the school’s founders, old Principals, its rich history and legacy, school houses, school rules, sports fixtures, famous punishments, escapades, iconic buildings, its serene lawns and numerous nostalgic references that will make this special edition authentic and uniquely, Corona.

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The count down to the 60th anniversary celebrations has provided us with an exciting opportunity to get the entire Corona Schools Community involved in the creation of this historic edition. Through the Corona School social media as well as the Bestman Games platforms, suggestions are being sought and voting for specific entries can be compiled. This has already started and I must say that Corona School Apapa has taken the lead in this regard!




The Corona School Edition of Monopoly is an excellent initiative that has been used by some of the world’s most famous educational institutions as a significant fund raising mechanism including the following:


  • The boards are purchased by the Corona School community, including current students as well as alumni, parents, teachers and other stakeholders and the proceeds go towards funding initiatives to improve the schools facilities.


  • Auctioning of property squares on the Monopoly board to companies owned by Corona School Alumni members or companies to which they are linked.


The Corona Edition of Monopoly is much more than a board game. It is has so many intricate facets to it, which make for outstanding educational value. Board games have been a staple in households for centuries. Whilst we embrace technology wholeheartedly in all forms and acknowledge the profound impact of it on development, there is a place for the traditional board game that fosters family interaction and values.


The Corona Schools Edition of Monopoly seeks:


  • To reinforce the importance of family values by creating a reason for family members to enjoy quality time together playing, learning, and having good old-fashioned fun. Playing games is an easy way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together.


  • To promote financial literacy and encourage personal financial responsibility from an early age. When you introduce the basic concepts of personal financial management to young people this gives them the best chance at future financial security. We hope to include Corona as part of our mission to establish Personal Finance School clubs during the course of 2016, which we will be discussing with the schools management in due course.


  • To promote and encourage strong ethical values and a sense of integrity amongst players by penalizing negative or dishonest behaviour and rewarding positive actions in a symbolic but fun way.


  • To enhance the profile of the school by portraying and presenting Corona School on the iconic platform of Monopoly.


  • To instil a sense of community and nostalgia amongst alumni’s by creating a game that they can take them down memory lane. Corona students and alumni’s both at home and in diaspora now have a board game that they can identify with and learn about.


  • To offer immense educational value that teaches important real life lessons and skills, fosters communication and social interaction, enhances numeracy skills, patience, negotiation, cooperation, mind stimulation and critical thinking for both the young and the elderly. It also teaches important lessons about competing and winning sportingly or losing graciously.


The Corona School Commemorative Edition of Monopoly Game is a novel way of celebrating Corona School at 60. We hope that by this move we will be able to capture the essence of this outstanding educational institution with its unique customs and traditions and that the game will provide many hours of quality family entertainment for generations to come.


The Corona Schools’ Edition of Monopoly is the first of its kind in Africa and it is a limited edition. Once this Special Edition is sold out, it will not be reproduced in the same way. We trust that you will support this unique initiative by placing your orders now.


Thank you very much for listening to me.



Nimi Akinkugbe

CEO Bestman Games