THE BIBLE GAME: Saints & Sinners A first of its kind!

“The Bible Game: Saints and Sinners” is the first of its kind in the board game industry in Nigeria. It is the first Nigerian-manufactured board game that teaches you about The Bible by testing your knowledge of it. Whatever the occasion family get-togethers, hang outs with friends, church gatherings, you can play The Bible Game. If you are looking to gift your children, friends, family, with a gift that keeps giving, this is it!

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Test your knowledge of The Scriptures.

Do you know your Bible? How well do you remember the Bible study classes you had when you were growing up? How familiar are you with the Life of Christ? Are you a guru in everything in the Old Testament? The Challenger will test and try you revealing how well you really know The Bible. The Bible Game will call into question your knowledge of The Bible and as it challenges you, it will teach you.

Defeat The Challenger and save souls.

The Challenger is always there lurking in corners, trying to seize souls; you can only retain souls, win souls or save lost souls if your know The Bible. The Challenger’s job is to play havoc with your progress in this very exciting game. But the fun part is that you can SMITE The Challenger; that is one weapon you can use to banish him to a corner. But the best way to defeat The Challenger is to know The Word. The player with the most souls beats The Challenger and wins the game.

Psalms, Proverbs and Parables.

Can you remember every parable in The Bible? What do they mean? Do you understand the message behind them? Your understanding of the parables will be tested and how well you fare, will determine how many souls you win. The Bible Game is going to test you and it will definitely surprise you about your overall knowledge of The Word. It will also bring you closer to God by expanding your knowledge; it brings to your attention things that you may not have noticed when you read your Bible.

The Bible Game - Saints & Sinners (Board Game Edition) - is a fast-paced family quiz game with an innovative mechanic. As players move clockwise around the board, landing on colored squares, answering quiz questions, and winning territory cards, The Challenger is moving counter-clockwise, wreaking havoc and upsetting the order of the game. Players’ only defenses against the Challenger are good fortune, Smite Cards, and their knowledge of the Bible. Watch your knowledge of the Bible increase in leaps and bounds in the midst of fun and laughter in this interactive game.

Watch your relationships develop as you play as the Bible Game; what a great way to spend precious, quality face-to-face time with loved ones and friends.