City of Lagos Monopoly


  •   The City of Lagos edition provides players with an exceptional tour of the city featuring   historical monuments and landmarks, famous streets, popular neighborhoods, key buildings   and leading brands spread across Lagos metropolis.


  •   To promote financial literacy and encourage personal financial responsibility from an early   age.


  •   To promote and encourage strong ethical values and a sense of integrity amongst players by   penalizing negative or dishonest behavior in a symbolic but fun way.


  •   To reinforce the importance of family values by creating a reason for family members to enjoy   quality time together playing, learning, and having good old-fashioned fun.


  •   To enhance the profile of the mega City of Lagos by showcasing the essence of in a positive   light, as one of the fastest growing mega-cities in the world teeming with economic and   investment opportunities.


  •   To teach real life skills relating to communication, competition, negotiation, patience,   numeracy, in a fun and enjoyable way.


  •   To provide players with information on the historical significance of a selection of the featured   landmarks, making it a wonderful educational tool.