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We Are Bestman Games

Bestman Games Ltd, established in 2012, is a leading African games company based in Lagos Nigeria and is the African distributor of customised editions of Hasbro games for 48 African countries. Its flagship product is Hasbro’s world-famous board game, Monopoly. The City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly, the first African City edition was launched in December 2012. Since then the Nigeria Centenary, Cross River, Corona Schools and Accra Editions have been launched. Several city and country editions are in the pipeline.

Our Mission

Bestman Games uses the medium of games to educate, empower and entertain:

  • Promotes personal financial literacy from an early age to encourage economic empowerment and entrepreneurship in our communities
  • Promotes and encouraging strong ethical values and a sense of integrity amongst players by penalizing negative or dishonest behaviour and rewarding positive behaviour in a symbolic way
  • Instils a sense of community amongst, Nigerians both at home and in diaspora by creating a game that they can relate to, including familiar landmarks, streets and heritage sites.
  • Reinforces the importance of family values by creating a reason for family members to spend quality time together playing and learning.
  • Presents Africa in a positive light, to encourage interest in tourism and foreign direct investment.

Other games in its product suite include a Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge jigsaw puzzle and Top Trumps, the 30 Things to see in Lagos deck of cards.

What We Do

Bestman Games creates and develops customized African editions of Monopoly, (excluding South Africa and Morocco). Customized Monopoly Editions include the following:

  • Country Editions
  • City Editions
  • Corporate Editions
  • School Editions
  • Commemorative Editions

Customized Card Games and Jigsaw Puzzles.